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Student Music Resources

listen to music in NZ
The Internet allows a comprehensive range of music and audio functions, services, and applications, such as studying at MAINZ, mp3 and audio downloads and purchases, online colloboration sites, format conversions, editing, internet storage, live listening, streaming, podcasting, sharing, and many other related activities. Maybe study DJ production, management, sound engineering or simply listen to downloads, create compilations, extract from video, purchase online locally or globally, convert from vinyl to pc, or keep up with trends by subscribing to music related websites. Image of Girl by Imagery Majestic.

Quote from singer, musician, and song writer Bryan Ferry: "Can be a powerful thing, when music and words are mixed together"

Music touches many, and has done, and always will, for many to pursue careers, create bands, learn instruments, download, purchase, and of course enjoy listening to. There are many resourceful NZ music web sites that relate to the industry...

New Zealand Music Commission

Music and Audio in NZ
Sounds for Aotearoa...and the World

Reporting to the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, this charitable trust reaches out nationally to grow the music industry within NZ and abroad. The site includes artists, education, news, resources, and music month. This includes interacting with key organizations (e.g. Recording Industry Association, NZ On Air, and Independent Music) media, brands, and sponsors. You can sign up to recieve email news updates.

NZ Musician

New Zealand News for Bands
Latest Music Info

Informative site with latest news, video, articles, in-depth reviews of software, instruments, DJ Tools, instruments, PA equipment, and more. Also directory listings including for brands, albums, record labels, studios, and distributors. The site includes a useful links page, gig guide, forum, and can sign up for the latest information. Very resourceful site.


Come Listen!

Interactive media resourceful site. Listen and play TV, Radio, Audio tracks, and download NZ music. Review new releases and reissues, read articles of bands, Q and A with artists, reviews, enter competitions, discussions and forum threads, and latest news. Also video, gears, and a comprehensive label list of performers.

Videos of NZ Music - Auckland University Student Concert and USA Market

2012 Orientation ConcertNZ Music in USA


NZ Orchestra Composers
NZ Composers

Information centre for promoting and developing NZ composers music, which is made available for loan, broadcasting, and purchase. But importantly to enhance the broadcasting, performance, and recording of NZ music nationally and globally. The site has information about  people, organizations, and performers. For example the Auckland Youth Orchestra, Theatre performance, Opera events, The NZ Symphony Ochestra, and similar. The web site has a library, educational resources, contributor/membership section, and contributors section.

Music Net NZ (Education)
This a directory of music training and educational resources. Includes the Universities, e.g. Victoria, Canterbury. Auckland's University Creative Arts has a range of study options - Bachelor, Master, and Doctor of Music, and graduate/Post Graduate Diplomas. Topics include song writing, sound engineer, researcher, historian, composer, arranger, ochestral performer, and teacher. Also research projects: analysis, composition styles, musicology, including 18th and 19th century compositions.
  Also links to Christchurch School of Music, Guitar tutions, Celtic, Jazz programs (Massey), Flute, Bass, and other classes and institutions.

Recent News

Other Sources
There are other types of music and multimedia entertainment NZ and global web sites, for listening, purchasing, streaming, downloading, viewing, news, and for general information. These include...

NZ Internet Radio Guide

Radio Stations Online for New Zealand
Online Radio

Includes over 50 stations, e.g. 95bFM, More FM, The Breeze, The Rock, and more. Some require Windows Media Player, Real player, and general streaming players (e.g. AIMP 3, Xion, VLC, iTunes, etc) installed on your PC or Notebook. Enzed has links to NZ internet stations, networks, subscriber television, and other channels

Examples of Streaming Software Audio Players with Pre-Set Radio Stations

AIMP3Spider Player

Read reviews of internet software audio players, mp3 encoders, converters, CD rippers, burners, organizers, online video to sound converters, editors, recorders, audio utilities, and more at my audio and mp3 freeware blog.

Music TV Channels
These include Juice TV, Four NZ, Yahoo TV, NZ on Air, subscription networks like quickflix, and others that may become available locally, e.g. netflix, or hulu. Such channels tend to encompass entertainment hubs, e.g. associated or affiliated networks, pay per view, mobile apps, video downloads, "on demand", for further consumer engagement.

Youtube and the Educational Channel
school of music videos
University Music Channel

Videos of University Students Ovierview

Tamsyn Miller Songwriter
 Auckland University
Studying at
Canterbury University

Videos of University of California Riverside Students and Music Education

UCR ComposingDr Susan West -
Music Educationalist

Search and play all kinds of music on Youtube's main site. But also browse the EDU University Arts and Music channel to view academic musicians, song writers, orchestra, performers, and similar. Though the channel mainly displays American Students performing.

Online Stores
These include Marbecks, Fishpond, Mighty Ape, Real Groovy, Trademe Auctions, and a few others hosted in NZ. Hence can purchase (and some free mp3's) digital downloads, CD's, DVD's, albums, apparel, audio hardware, peripherals, and vinyls.

Learn the fundamental concepts for developing as a musician or composer from recording and composing software...